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As the saying goes, "you can't manage what you don't measure", and the majority of large commercial buildings in Minneapolis are realizing the first step of that mantra. A majority of buildings have measured building energy performance through benchmarking and have reported this information to the City by the June 1st deadline. Check back in early September to see and compare your building's 2015 energy performance to the published list of benchmarked buildings.

2014 Benchmarking Report is now available

2014 marked the first year in which all commercial buildings 50,000 square feet and larger benchmarked their energy and water performance. More than 400 buildings representing 50% of the commercial building space in the city measured their efficiency, and through that, high performance as well as opportunities for savings have been uncovered. Read more!

Minneapolis Benchmarking Program is Environmental Initiative Award Finalist!

Environmental Initiative recently announced the Minneapolis benchmarking program as one of three awards finalists in the Energy and Climate category. The prestigious annual awards recognize Minnesota programs and projects for their positive environmental impacts. We thank the Environmental Initiative for their recognition and most importantly, the building managers and owners for their hard work in accurately measuring and managing energy in their buildings! For information about the awards and the upcoming ceremony, learn more!

Xcel Energy's automatic data upload is here!

Xcel Energy is making benchmarking your property easier with its new Energy Benchmarking Tool. This service provides an automatic feed of your property's meter readings directly to ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager, thereby saving you time and effort. To set this up for your property, learn how!

New Case Study: Minneapolis Public Schools

Minneapolis Public Schools district with more than 40 buildings is a large ship to control. District facilities managers though have sought to replicate successful processes and upgrades throughout the district and to plan for the long term. With building equipment that often must last well over its expected lifetime, the district designs systems with long term energy efficiency in mind. Read more!

DeLaSalle High School commits to the Challenge!

DeLaSalle High School, a Building Energy Performance Award winner, is showing no signs of slowing down. They join the challenge having just replaced their 1952 vintage steam boiler with one that will double heating efficiency, and they no look to implement a new BMS to manage the new boiler as well as lighting systems, install photo and occupancy sensors, and upgrade lighting to LEDs among many others. They are also conducting a feasibility study for water efficiency upgrades, which may lead to energy savings. DelaSalle's Green Team and facilities management are showing that they are truly motivated to leave a legacy of sustainability.

This just in: Butler Square joins the Challenge!

Butler Square, located in the Warehouse District, has taken up the 15% greenhouse gas reduction challenge. They currently have low-cost strategies in the works including installing restroom occupancy sensors and low-flush urinals as well as larger chiller replacement project to improve their efficiency. These among other methods will support their laudable quest for LEED v.4 silver certification.

6 Inspiringly Efficient Buildings

In kicking off the Minneapolis Building Energy Challenge, we celebrated 6 inspirational, high-performing buildings in our community. Their practical planning and effective strategies are really something to be commended. Check them out!

Building Energy Challenge has officially launched!

The competitive vibes and energy improvements are reving up in Minneapolis. On October 14th, Mayor Hodges formally challenged the city’s large commercial buildings to reduce greenhouse gas emission 15% from 2014 by the year 2020. To kick off the Minneapolis Building Energy Challenge, we recognized 6 high performing buildings and celebrated the 12 buildings that have already committed to the challenge. Learn more.

City Grants for ENERGY STAR Certification!

Do you have an efficient building? If so, tell others about it with ENERGY STAR certification!

And for a limited time, apply for a Minneapolis ENERGY STAR Certification Grant that covers more than 60% of the cost!

Certification provides recognition using the nationally known ENERGY STAR standard. By becoming certified, you join the ranks of leading organizations. Be one of the first to earn apply for certification and receive $500 toward an $800 site visit completed by a professional engineer. Check out the certification benefits:

  • Plaque for your building providing transparency to building occupants
  • Increased marketability of your well-run, energy efficient building to potential tenants
  • Recognition on Minneapolis and ENERGY STAR websites

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