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You are not alone when it comes to your energy efficiency projects. Whether you already have a project in mind or you are just looking to assess your building, assistance is available.

Use your basic project time criteria in the flow chart to find the assistance program best suited for you and scroll down to learn more about the program. Generally, the longer the project term, the more involved the project will be.

Assistance programs list

  • Multifamily Building Efficiency Program - provides free energy analysis and installation of LED lights in common areas and LED lights, low-flow faucet and shower heads in participating units, as well as incentives for achieving energy savings in Multifamily buildings.

  • Commercial Efficiency - provides extensive energy analysis and assistance to large commercial buildings with 1 GWh or 4,000 Dth of conservation potential.

  • Energy Audit Analysis - from CenterPoint Energy offers full natural gas energy analysis of your building and results in specific recommendations for improvement projects.

  • Energy Design Assistance - conducts energy modelling for large building, significant renovations during the design process.

  • Energy Efficient Buildings - performs energy analysis for significant renovations during the design process.

  • One-Stop Lighting - offers a full-service lighting rebate program available to small businesses in Xcel Energy's Minnesota service territory with an electric demand of 400 KW or less.

  • Prescriptive Rebates - from Xcel Energy and CenterPoint Energy give incentives for specific energy efficiency upgrades.

  • Recommissioning - 're-tunes' your building to optimize machinery scheduling and operations to make sure your building is only using energy when occupants need it.

  • Saver's Switch - saves your cooling operational costs. By enrolling, you give Xcel Energy permission to cycle your AC on and off in 15-20 minute intervals in times of high electricity demand. Most participants notice no difference in the cooling of their building, but see savings on their utility bill.

  • Turn Key - provides a whole-building energy audit and project implementation assistance including financial analysis and rebate paperwork help.

Confused or have additional questions? Contact Katie Jones, Benchmarking Outreach Coordinator, at or 612-741-0596.

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