Building Energy Challenge

Is your building up to the challenge?

The City of Minneapolis is challenging large commercial buildings to better their building energy through energy efficiency and renewable energy actions with a goal of a 15% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from 2014 by the year 2020.

All buildings that are subject to the benchmarking ordinance may join the Challenge. Challenge participants will be celebrated each year at award ceremonies for their on-going commitment in addition to website case study, and newsletter recognition. Use this one-page description when talking with your building managers and decision-makers about enrolling.

Benefits of the Challenge:

  • Receive recognition - Challenge participants will be identified in City newsletter, website, and case study communications. Participants will be recognized at annual challenge awards ceremonies.
  • Improve marketability - Enrolling can bolster your 'green' and community involvement credentials for attracting new and retaining current tenants.
  • Save money - Improving building energy efficiency can save you money.
  • Optimized operations - When investigating opportunities for energy savings, building managers often discover ways to better the occupant experience, and update maintenance processes.
  • Use technical resources - Because navigating energy efficiency and renewable energy options can be complex, we are available to help connect you to a person with the program or technology that you're looking for.

Why focus on greenhouse gas emissions?

By committing to this ambitious but practical goal, buildings help the City meet the greenhouse gas emission targets set out in its Climate Action Plan. In addition, the metric allows for flexibility - buildings can improve energy efficiency, install or purchase renewable energy, or do a combination of the two.

How will progress be measured?

Building energy benchmarking data submitted annually in ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager will be used to track changes in greenhouse gas emissions, energy use intensity, and ENERGY STAR scores for annual milestone awards.


Buildings enrolling commit to the Challenge and agree to the City highlighting that commitment publicly in City communications. Challenge participants must also continue benchmarking buildings in Portfolio Manager, actively take steps toward the 15% goal, and participate in recognition activities, which includes case studies and annual awards.

2015 Awards Highlights

    See highlights & photos from the challenge kick-off in 2015!

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