Building Energy Challenge Awards 2016

A Celebration of Efficiency

On Nov. 2nd, we celebrated the first year of the Minneapolis Building Energy Challenge. Building owners, managers, tenants, students, operators, and utilities were on hand to cheer five efficient buildings and two extraordinary building operator finalists. Mayor Betsy Hodges and Council Member Elizabeth Glidden congratulated building teams on the hard work that goes into improving and maintaining energy efficient buildings while highlighting the still ample savings opportunities. We shared the inspiring stories of the High Performing Buildings, which are benchmarking as part of the city's program, then applauded the great energy savings of the Challenge Leaders, the buildings that have committed to the challenge, and finished by hearing the inspiring accomplishments of Minneapolis' most valuable building operator.

2016 Award Winner Accomplishments

High Performing Building Award - Business Shriners Hospital for Children - Twin Cities
Rick Goschey
High Performing Building Award - Community Lake Harriet Community School Lower
Brett Bolin

High Performing Building Award - Hospitality
Days Hotel
Debi Grant-Smith
Most Valuable Operator
Todd Snyder
Building Energy Challenge Greatest Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction - Royalston Maintenance Facility
Brian Millberg
Building Energy Challenge Greatest Energy Use Intensity Reduction - Calhoun Square
Nicole LaVere

2016 Award Winners

  • Shriners Hospital for Children - Twin Cities
  • Lake Harriet Community School - Lower Campus
  • Days Hotel
  • Calhoun Square
  • Royalston Maintenance Facility
  • Most Valuable Operator: Todd Snyder

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