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What is the Policy?

Benchmarking puts you in control of your building energy and water performance by measuring, tracking, and comparing this performance to peers, to a standard building, and itself over time. The City of Minneapolis requires large commercial and multi-family to report and disclose their energy and water use to the City. Learn what benchmarking is and why the City is requiring it.

Who must Comply?

Commercial and multi-family buildings greater than 50,000 sqft in size in the City of Minneapolis are required to benchmark and report energy and water consumption per Ordinance 47.190. Industrial building space is excluded. Buildings under new ownership must also submit data after using signed consent forms from the previous owner to obtain energy data. Initial compliance dates vary for multi-family buildings based on size as shown in the chart below. For questions, contact Minneapolis Environmental Services by email or phone, 612-673-3091.

Multi-family Building Benchmarking Timeline

To comply, covered buildings must also provide proof of an energy evaluation. For a full list of compliance standards and exemptions, click here.

How to Benchmark

Enter your data directly through ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager. These instructions (pdf) walk you through each step. If you are a veteran Portfolio Manager user, you may need to change your process in order to comply correctly. For questions, consult our FAQ page or contact our Helpline for more information.

Ways to Comply

Upload your data directly from your Xcel Energy and CenterPoint Energy utility accounts. Enter your data directly into ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager. Learn more.< Use a third-party provider to enter data for you. Contact Don Bailey

How to Get Your Utility Data

Follow these downloadable instructions to obtain energy use from each of your service providers:


Benchmarking requires energy consumption, water consumption, and building information. The information requested under the energy benchmarking ordinance must include, but need not be limited to:

  • Minneapolis Building ID & Minneapolis Property ID **
  • Property floor area (within +/-25% of assessor data) **
  • Property type
  • Electricity data (>0)
  • Heating data* (>0)
  • Water data (>0)
  • Site EUI (Energy Use Intensity) (25-400)
  • Complete/full calendar year (Jan. 1- Dec. 31) meter data for electricity, heat and water use
  • Energy Star Score (5-95) as applicable
  • Total GHG (greenhouse gas) emissions
*Parking Structures are exempt from reporting heating data
**Data provided by the City

The City shall make readily available or disclose to the public, and update at least annually, benchmarking information for the previous calendar year on the City's Property Info and Benchmarking Results pages according to a publicly stated schedule.

Failure to comply with the benchmarking requirement will lead to enforcement actions. Non-compliant buildings will receive violation notices and administrative citations starting June 1st and every 45 days thereafter.

Submit your Data

Once you have entered your data into Portfolio Manager and double-checked that your building square footage, energy units, and energy meters are correct, complete the City’s Data Request.


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