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What is the evaluation requirement?

Under the City of Minneapolis' new benchmarking ordinance, buildings 50,000 sqft and greater will be required to fulfill one of the following every five years. This requirement is only enforced IF there is an energy evaluation option available at no cost to the owner.

  • 1. PERFORMANCE: Earn an ENERGY STAR score in the top 75% of scores within the city, which will include properties with scores of 75 and greater or if no score is available, achieve an EUI in the bottom 75% of those in the city, or

  • 2. CERTIFICATION: Achieve a qualifying green building certification within past 3 years. These include ENERGY STAR, LEED Gold or Platinum, Minnesota B3, and others upon review, or

  • 3. PROGRESS: Achieve a 20% or greater reduction in weather-normalized energy use intensity over five (5) years, with an initial baseline year of 2020, or

  • 4. EVALUATION: Provide proof of an energy evaluation within the past five years. The evaluation must meet ASHRAE level 1 standards definition OR be an accepted tune-up/recommissioning as established by the Minneapolis Health Commissioner or their designee.

This requirement will be phased in over four years, beginning in 2020 with buildings 150,000 sqft and greater and affecting buildings of descending sizes in subsequent years.

Energy Evaluation Requirement Timeline

For a full list of compliance standards and exemptions, click here.

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