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How to Improve Your Building

When you regularly assess your building's energy and water use, you can find opportunities to save money, improve comfort, and raise your ENERGY STAR score. A wealth of assistance and funding programs are available to help you make you find those opportunities!

Assistance for building assessments and funding energy efficiency work are available for businesses, non-profits, and governmental entities.

Assistance Programs!

Funding & Financing!

Product & Service Providers!

No-Cost Energy Tips

Looking to do a bit of in-house recommissioning? Make sure everything is working properly:

  • Improve boiler efficiency/controls
  • Reset supply air static pressure set-points
  • Terminal unit tune-ups - dampers & valves
  • Return VFD’s to variable speed operation
  • Lower condenser water temps/improve chiller sequencing
  • Calibrate sensors and instrumentation
  • System level test & balance (over air, over pumping)
  • Optimize/restore economizer operation
  • Eliminate simultaneous heating and cooling
  • Turn off equipment when not needed (scheduled start/stop)
  • Have a generator? Use these best practices to save energy and reduce pollution

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